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Use A Home's Potential Value


PayHome Capital, LLC is a home investment firm which (intends) to provide cash to home buyers, and qualified home owners, in return for a share in the appreciation of their homes. PayHome™ ("PayHome") is an option agreement giving the right to obtain a stake in a home after five years, upon the buyout of the stake or sale of the home. The stake consists of the repayment of the cash provided in addition to a share of the net increase in home value, if any, see Savings. PayHome offers a solution to the home affordability crisis by providing a compelling alternative to conventional home financing. By using the potential value of a house, home buyers will be able to reduce down payments, acquire more desirable homes, or simply lower mortgage payments. Existing home owners, on the other hand, will be able to convert the equity in their homes into cash without the burden of additional debt.

Struggling to come up with a down payment? By offering cash of 10% to 15% of the certified appraisals on a home, buyers can purchase homes they could otherwise not afford and are sole owners of the property - see Savings. The cash provided is not a loan and therefore carries no interest. It can be spent however you want. What's more, there are no payments required for five years.

PayHome can also be used to reduce a mortgage loan or avoid taking on more debt with a second mortgage, home equity loan, or mortgage insurance - see Compare. Moreover, it allows buyers to qualify for a  mortgage loan, or lower the interest rate on a mortgage, with the smaller loan-to-value financing. It provides buyers with a higher return on their investments (down payments) than if they made the entire investments because of the increased leverage obtained from a smaller investment.

However, home buyers must make a minimum down payment of 10% and the homes must be single-family, detached, and owner-occupied principal residences. They must be financed with a single fixed-rate mortgage of minimum 7 years and meet our investment criteria. Applying for a PayHome is easy, safe and fast.- see Apply.

In short, PayHome is the smart way to buy a home because it enables buyers to obtain:

  • NEEDED HOMES by purchasing homes that otherwise they could not afford.

  • LARGE SAVINGS on down payments for a car, furniture, home improvements, etc.

  • LOWER PAYMENTS on mortgages with no additional debt or risk.

  • DREAM HOMES by buying homes that meet their aspirations.

  • HIGHER RETURNS on their homes than if they bought them on their own.

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