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                                                                                                Reduce Mortgage Payments


A lower mortgage loan means lower mortgage payments that are an insurance against financial hardship. The reduction in monthly payments should qualify for a lower interest rate. To simplify, the following example assumes the same mortgage rate and is before the 2% transaction fee:

Home Price



Down Payment



PayHome (15%-2%)



Mortgage (5%)



Monthly Payments



Monthly Savings



Annual Savings



With PayHome, buyers can avoid mortgage insurance which can cost hundreds of dollars a month. In addition, they can avert the cost of upgrading later to more suitable homes. Realtor commissions, closing costs, and moving expenses amount typically to more than 10% of the price of a new home.

By filling the blanks below, applicants can compare the savings and the rates of return on a down payment with PayHome and without PayHome. First use identical mortgages for the purchase savings and the rates of return. Then use different mortgages and interest rates for the monthly, annual and five-year savings.


Home purchase price:


Your down payment


PayHome requested:


Estimated payoff year:


Estimated annual appreciation:


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