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The house must be a detached single-family home to be used as an owner-occupied principal residence. Applicants must make, or hold, a minimum 10% down payment (equity) and the home may be financed with a single mortgage at a fixed rate for at least seven years. The cash requested may not exceed 15% of the appraisal by the lender or by our independent appraiser. Existing home owners have to be gainfully employed and prepay for a full certified appraisal of their homes.

The cash requested is paid through escrow at closing after receipt of all the required documents. Our home investment is the cash requested less the 2% for the transaction fee. There are no other fees or payments required for five years. However, you give up a big chunk of the value the home might gain. You should therefore consult your financial or legal advisor to see if PayHome is suitable for you.

The house must be in a good location, offering above-average appreciation potential, in an approved community or area listed under Markets. Houses not listed under Markets will be considered for investment, but provide a risk with the non-refundable application fee. This fee of $50 is for our research to ensure the house meets the investment criteria. You will be informed of our decision within four business days after sending the following application.

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